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CIMMS Assembly of Fellows

The CIMMS Assembly of Fellows is comprised of a cross-section of University of Oklahoma (OU) faculty, federal scientists in the NOAA units that collaborate with CIMMS and national scientists who have expertise relevant to the research themes of CIMMS. Fellows are actively involved in the programs and projects of CIMMS. Appointment to the Assembly, by the CIMMS Executive Board, is normally for a two-year term, and reappointment is possible and usual. Appointments may be made for a shorter period of time or on a part-time basis with the concurrence of the appointee and the CIMMS Executive Board. The Assembly will participate in reviews of CIMMS activities and elect two of their number to serve on the CIMMS Executive Board. The Assembly's advice is not viewed as binding on the CIMMS Director relative to any recommendations that might be carried forward to the Advisory Board.

CIMMS Fellows appointments for 2015-2017: