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CIMMS Travel Policies, Procedures and Forms


  1. Go to the OU travel website:
  2. Login with your OU 4x4 and password.
  3. Once you are logged in, go to the profile settings at the top right of the page.
  4. There will be a list of items you can customize. Please click on personal information.
  5. The first thing you will need to enter is either your middle name or middle initial. This should match your identification that you use for flying.
  6. Please enter your work address, home address, and a phone number (either work or home). You can register your mobile device which will allow for easy uploading of receipts.
  7. Verify your email address (and yes you need to have your OU email address be listed first). You will be emailed a verification code that you will need to enter. You can add a second email address if you would like to.
  8. List an emergency contact if you would like. This isn't a requirement.
  9. You can add frequent flyer numbers, hotel rewards numbers and anything else you would like.
  10. The most important item after your middle name/initial is to add myself, Jamie Foucher, Melissa Coulson, and Tanya Riley as your assistant/travel arrangers (near the bottom of this page). When you enter their name you will be given two choices. Please make sure and click "Can Book Travel for Me." This will allow our department to initiate travel requests for you.
  11. Credit Card - Enter your OU Travel card information to allow you to purchase airfare.
  12. Once you enter this information click SAVE. Your profile page should show a green bar that says Profile Saved.
  13. Under Request Settings and Request Delegates make sure our office is checked to allow submit requests.
  14. You then need to go to the list on the side and under Expense Settings click expense delegates. Please add myself, Jamie Foucher, Melissa Coulson, and Tanya Riley to your list. You need to click the boxes "Can Prepare" and "Can View Receipts". Click Save. This will allow our office to prepare your travel reimbursements.
  15. Under Expense Settings and Expense Information make sure your car tag number is listed. This will allow you to receive reimbursement for mileage.

CIMMS Policy on Work-Related Travel

Prior to any work-related travel, all CIMMS employees must obtain authorization from the CIMMS Director or his/her designee. For travel on non-NOAA research grants, the Principal Investigator (PI) may approve the travel. If the PI is the traveler, the director must approve the travel. For travel paid from sources other than the university (e.g., travel paid by NOAA), the CIMMS director or his/her designee, must approve the request prior to the travel date.

CIMMS Travel Procedures

  1. Fill out the travel request form as described below (name, EMPLID, US Citizen, destination, purpose of trip, estimated cost of travel).
  2. Take the form to your division secretary for management approval.
  3. After approval, turn the form in to Tanya Riley, along with copies of information regarding the conference (dates, designated lodging, agenda, etc.).

    Tanya Riley 
    National Weather Center Suite 2100
    Voice: 405-325-3042
    Fax: 405-325-3098
    CIMMS office phone: 405-325-3041
  4. You must make you own hotel reservations.
  5. Conference registrations should be paid by your travel card. Please check with our office if you have questions.
  6. Airfare will be purchased in Concur. Once your travel request has been uploaded into the Concur system, you will receive notification that you can book your travel. Please read the detailed instructions for purchasing the ticket. Airfare Purchase Instructions 
  7. You may take photos of your receipts and upload them to Concur. If you choose not to do this, please turn in your receipts with the travel reimbursement form (form is the pdf at the top of the page). Include a copy of the agenda of the meeting you attended. You will need to turn in a travel reimbursement form even if you upload your receipts.
  8. You will receive an email to approve your reimbursement in Concur.
  9. OU will direct deposit your travel reimbursement into the account your payroll is deposited.

Rental Car Insurance Policy

For out-of-state travel, the actual cost of the rental car will be reimbursed if the cost of the rental car is less than what taxis would have cost. We must have a cost comparison to use as justification. Please be aware the only insurance that is required and will be reimbursed on a rental car is LDW (Loss damage waiver) or CDW (collision damage waiver). The State will pay for a second driver when needed.
Insurance options that are NOT Reimbursed:

How to Fill Out the Travel Authorization Form

  1. Download the OU Departmental Travel Authorization form.
  2. The employee should fill out the following fields:
    • Traveler Name
    • Traveler EMPLID
    • U.S. Citizen
    • Travel Agency
    • Destination
    • Ticket Amount
    • Depart Date / Return Date
    • Purpose of Trip
    • Estimated Travel Expenses
    • Personal Travel with dates

University of Oklahoma Travel Regulations

Use of Travel Card

You MUST use your card
Airfare (you will give the travel agent your card number and your billing address which you listed on your card application)

You SHOULD use your card
Baggage charges
Taxi/Shuttle (OU only allows a 15% gratuity, anything more will come out of your per diem)
Other ground transportation (metro, trains, etc.)
Rental Cars (if previously approved and used exclusively outside of the State of Oklahoma)
Fuel for rental cars
Visas (for work trips)

You CAN use your card for the following
Meals (must be for only you and you must make sure and stay below your total per diem allowed for the trip)
I would caution using it for this purpose because you will be responsible for any overages (OU will deduct it from your next paycheck)

For any other items, please ask before you go on travel. It is better to know beforehand if OU will reimburse you for an expense.

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Additional questions and comments about CIMMS travel policies and procedures may be directed to Tracy Reinke at .