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Survey on Training Needs for National Weather Service (NWS) Partners on the Dual-Polarization Radar Upgrade to the WSR-88D

Example of the Hydrometeor Classification Algorithm (HCA) product that will be available after the WSR-88D dual-polarization upgrade

Researchers at the University of Oklahoma want to learn more about the weather-related needs and experiences of NWS customers. The information collected will aid NWS instructors in the development of training and outreach materials for an important radar system upgrade.

Starting in 2010, the entire fleet of WSR-88Ds (Weather Surveillance Radar – 1988 Doppler) is scheduled to undergo a major software and hardware upgrade that will greatly expand the collection of data types and radar products.  This upgrade, known as dual-polarization, will allow each radar to collect data with information about the horizontal and vertical properties of weather (e.g., rain, hail) and non-weather (e.g., insect, ground clutter) targets. As part of this system upgrade, the National Weather Service’s Warning Decision Training Branch (WDTB) is developing outreach and on-line training for emergency managers, media weather broadcasters, and forecasters in America’s Weather Enterprise to help NWS partners to effectively incorporate these new data into their decision making.

To help identify the specific training needs of emergency managers, media, and America’s Weather Enterprise, affiliates with the University of Oklahoma’s Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies are gathering information from people in these communities on how they think dual-polarization data may impact them. If you are interested in providing information on your radar data needs and experiences, please use the link below to complete a training needs analysis survey.

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