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Senior Research Scientist

Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies (CIMMS)

The University of Oklahoma
Sarkeys Energy Center
100 East Boyd Street, Room 1110
Norman, Oklahoma 73019-1011

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Professional Interests

Announcement: I have retired from Federal Service as of 13 January 2001. I have a half-time position as a senior research scientist with the Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies (CIMMS) and have re-located my office to Room 1150, Sarkey's Energy Center, on the University of Oklahoma campus. I expect to continue to work along lines not too dissimilar from what I have been doing all along, but I also expect to have time to explore other things. This Web page should stay active for some time to come, so you will not have to look anywhere new to keep up with what I'm doing scientifically. What's on this Website should not be changing anytime soon, except for updates, etc.

If you want to see my unabashed "home" Website, go here.

My career history has always been tied to the notion of an interaction between science and weather forecasting. My scientific research typically includes a component, directly or indirectly, associated with application to forecasting.

I have been interested in tornadoes and severe storms since I was a kid, and have been commited to being a scientist all my life. Becoming a scientist introduced me to a lot of things I never dreamed existed and has been even better than I imagined it would be. I enjoy interacting with students and trying to help them achieve their goals.

In January of 2000, I completed my term as an AMS Councilor. I'm pleased to have been afforded the chance to serve my profession in this way, but it's time to move on here, as well. My reports from the Council meetings I attended are linked from what follows:

  1. At AMS Headquarters, September 1997
  2. At the Annual Meeting, Phoenix, AZ, January 1998
  3. At AMS Headquarters, September 1998
  4. At the Annual Meeting, Dallas, TX, January 1999
  5. At AMS Headquarters, September 1999
  6. At the Annual Meeting, Long Beach, CA, January 2000

Having served for several years as an editor for what will be a forthcoming AMS Monograph, I have some comments concerning AMS Editorships, designed to stimulate discussion. I also have essays on AMS Meeting Finances and on Awards.


My hobbies include weight training, bowling, hiking and camping, photography [many images], storm chasing, and I am involved with the Boy Scouts of America as an Assistant Scoutmaster with Troop 777 here in Norman. Recently, Mike Branick (NWSFO Norman) and I were given the chance to update the Weather Merit Badge Book, which we enjoyed doing. I have been serving on the Mayor's Bike Committee for the City of Norman, and we have created a Bike Plan to promote safe bicycle use in Norman.


I was born in Elmhurst, Illinois (see my career history link, above). My wife Vickie and I were married in April 1975. Vickie is a Registered Nurse, working at Norman Regional Hospital in the Emergency Room. We have two children: Chad, born in Norman, Oklahoma in January 1976, graduate of the University of Oklahoma as a Music major (trombone) and now attending graduate school in Music at Indiana University ... and Heather, born in North Kansas City, Missouri in January 1979, and presently a member of the Norman working world. We also have two cats, a worthless dog, and goldfish (at times).


1. I have written some essays, hopefully to stimulate thought, interest, and discussions,

2. As time and opportunity permit, I will make available Web versions of formal publications with which I am associated,

3. Again, as time and opportunity permit, I will make available Web versions of informal publications with which I am associated.


1. I have been privileged to be able to visit the island of Mallorca, and information about those visits is found here.

2. A selection of my favorite bookmarks.

3. A somewhat different image of me can be obtained here. or here

4. A trip report on an invited visit to Australia from 21 July to 10 August.