[1] Lightning-caused fatalities often exceed flash flood deaths, but lightning fatalities almost always occur individually. No fatality is trivial, but isolated deaths from lightning probably don't qualify as disasters.

[2] In most cases, the virtual correction is very small and can be neglected, so that a very good approximation to CAPE can be obtained simply from the temperatures.

[3] There have been some studies suggesting that environmental vertical wind shear is a factor in precipitation efficiency (e.g., Marwitz 1972; Foote and Fankhauser 1973), but these works have not been comprehensive, nor have they been borne out by more recent studies (Fankhauser 1988). It is not clear by what mechanism vertical wind shear affects precipitation efficiency, although it has been suggested that entrainment is enhanced by vertical wind shear. This hypothesis remains unvalidated.

[4] A useful definition of a convective time scale is the time it takes for a parcel to rise from its LFC to its EL, which for a moderate updraft is about 20 min. It is no coincidence that a convective cell lasts for a single convective time scale, when that scale is defined in this way. Of course, microphysical contributions (e.g., condensation/freezing nucleus populations) could affect precipitation efficiency, but these are not observable.