A modest selection of some

sites on the Web that I enjoy:


(Last update: 09 January 2001)


  1. PCL Maps for all my fellow map freaks.
  2. The Storm Track "Megasite" for all my fellow storm freaks.
  3. The Dilbert Zone for cyber-cynics.
  4. The Firesign Theatre Homepage, for more sugar!
  5. The Rumpole Homepage, for a taste of claret and the Old Bailey.
  6. The Monty Python Homepage, for something completely different.
  7. A blues music homepage to get you blues lovers started.
  8. A comprehensive collection of weather-related links, Weathernet.
  9. The Arachnology Homepage, for arachnophiles, like me.
  10. NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory ... lotsa neat stuff!
  11. A source of landscape photography links.
  12. A site about J.R.R. Tolkien and his work here.
  13. The "FMA Research" site, for sprites and other neat stuff.
  14. The USGS Volcanoes site.
  15. The Metaphysics of Quality site, inspired by Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
  16. The TapestryWeb way of considering tornadoes.
  17. The scientific research society, Sigma Xi, homepage.
  18. The Darwin Awards Homepage.