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David Schultz

NSSL HISTORICAL WEATHER DATA ARCHIVES: Surface and Upper-Air data, primarily for the U.S., but some recent worldwide data.

Gridded Datasets, including models and North American Regional Reanalysis

NOAA/Climate Diagnostics Center

Western U.S.

Global Resources/Clearinghouses

Severe Weather and Warm Season Convection

Tropical Weather, Cyclones, and Hurricanes

Air Chemistry and Pollution Data


NOAA Operational Model Archive and Distribution System (NOMADS)

Archive of Climate-Scale Forecasts



Ice and Snow

Pay-Per-Use Sites

Datasets on /data at NSSL

Thanks to the following people for providing information about links: Cathy Smith (CDC), Mike Baldwin (CIMMS/NSSL), Roger Edwards (SPC), Christopher Godfrey (OU), Lance Bosart (SUNY Albany), David Reynolds (HPC), Elvira Brankov (NY State DEC), Greg Stumpf (NSSL), John Cortinas (CIMMS/NSSL), Alicia Wasula (SUNY Albany), Jim Steenburgh (University of Utah), Bob Rabin (NSSL/CIMSS), . . .

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