May 3, 1999 WSR-88D images

from the Chickasha/Newcastle/Moore/OKC/Midwest City tornadoes
(scroll down for the complete timeline)

A vertical cross-section through the TVS (scale is in km)

These images were captured from NSSL's Warning Decision Support System running on the KTLX (Twin Lakes) radar.  All times include a "broad view", with 0.5 degree reflectivity and storm-relative radial velocity shown (earlier images may have base velocity instead).  These images are of the storm that eventually hit the south OKC metro area.  Basically, I just captured the images as I was browsing the data, so the "extra" images that are shown are of a somewhat random nature.

Some notes:

Note: Look at the 8-panel images if you want to see the "good stuff" without the algorithm output covering it up!

Travis Smith